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Pilot Episode: In Order of Appearance


Kay D’Arcy is Hollywood’s Newest Old face!Kay D’Arcy was born in peace time in a pre-WWII Great Britain. After the war she married into a French family in England and gave birth to six children while working as a midwife and theater (surgical) nurse. When her husband left suddenly D’Arcy felt it “undignified to sit around and wait for him to come back” so she decided to divorce him, leave Somerset and change horses. D’Arcy packed up and went to London where she moved in with 7 other students, each at least 30-40 years younger, while she trained in Drama and embarked on a 10 year career in Theatre throughout Europe and Shanghai.

In 2002, in her 70th year, this retired Nurse/Theatre Actress was feeling restless again. Despite her family’s objections this strong willed woman, a grandmother of 11, left everyone she’s ever known and loved behind and relocated to Los Angeles to take on Hollywood.

D’Arcy soon earned her Aftra, then Sag cards with small guest starring roles in TV’s General Hospital, ABC’s Suburgatory and the the 24 spin-off The Rookie:CTU.

D’Arcy played opposite Annette Bening as her patient in the film Mother and Child. Kay’s most recent roles include that of Trudi Yates on the Profiling 101 episode of the CBS hit series Criminal Minds, and two upcoming features The Shift due out in 2013 and the film Fine Line.

Choir member, writer, poet and humanitarian, it was her avid interest in Tai Chi, which she practices daily, that earned D’Arcy the title role of Agent 88. In anticipation of the Agent 88 Web Series D’Arcy has expanded her Martial Arts training to include Kali and Wing Chung. Her Family back in England are still in disbelief.

Carlos Gallardo

Gallardo fantasized about being involved in the world of cinema. He did not know he would do it, but his greatest desire was to enter that marvelous dream world. It came at no surprise, then, when at a young age he decided on a career as an Actor / filmmaker. From the day he made this decision on, he let his imagination run free.

Carlos began by making home videos, but by the time he turned 13, he had become a full-fledged director: ‘I made my first movie with an 8mmm camera loaned to me by a friend of my father’, he reminisces about his early experiences in film.

Now, he has become an expert in his field. Inspired by well-known directors such as John Carpenter and George Miller, this lover of Mexican culture and tradition has never ceased to expand his creative vision behind and in front of the camera. Without a doubt, the project which brought him the most recognition from Hollywood was the incredibly successful film. “EL Mariachi” where he participated as an actor and producer.

Together with his close friend Robert Rodriguez, the young adventurer took his work to Los Angeles. To his great surprise, the film gained the attention of several studios.

Carlos Gallardo, Irish/Mexican and the youngest of three from the Mexican state of Coahuila, was beginning to make a name for himself in the world of Hollywood filmmaking.

After his success with ‘El Mariachi’ Carlos proceeded to work as an actor and co-producer on the film which would help to launch the English-language careers of Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas: ‘Desperado”. This movie opened the door to many new projects, such as ‘Bravo’ and ‘Single Action’, in which Carlos filled the roles of producer, director, actor and screenwriter.

Carlos Gallardo usually plays the lead In independent films he works on.

Having proved himself to the world, today Carlos Gallardo is fulfilling a promise he made to himself eight years ago – to make his film ‘Bandido’ a reality by bringing it to the big screen. Directed by award winning film director Roger Christian, Carlos plays Max Cruz – man of the world and music lover.

He was also one of the producers of “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”, featuring Johnny Deep, Willem Defoe, Enrique Iglesias, Eva Mendez, and of course Hayek and Banderas.

Carlos also participated in the Robert Rodriguez production titled “Curandero” where he plays the lead. Curandero was directed by Eduardo Rodriguez .

In 2007 The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognized his long time work as a minority filmmaker and honored him and his long time friend Robert Rodriguez with the award “Oscar Night America”, this is not an Oscar but a recognition from the academy as a Latino filmmaker. This award was presented after the best picture of the year and was not broad casted. “We created Oscar Night America to let people across the country participate in the excitement of the Academy Awards festivities,” said Academy Executive Director Bruce Davis. “The fact that the viewing parties benefit local charities is an added bonus”.

Carlos also participated in a cameo role for Robert Rodriguez and Quention Tarantino’s award winning action thriller ‘Grindhouse’. His other recent credits include the drama ‘Jazzed up Hoodlums’, directed by new up and coming talent, Stephen Marsh, action horror ‘Dead Hooker in a Trunk’, and the short futuristic western ‘The Price.’ Carlos is currently collaborating with rising British talent, writer and director Chee Keong Cheung, on the action film ‘Zombie Apocalypse’, in which Carlos is both Executive Producing and starring, commencing filming in the UK in 2012, and ‘El Bandido’, set to shoot in Mexico in 2013.

Ricardo Mamood Vega

Born in Argentina, Ricardo Mamood Vega spent ten years doing films in Hong Kong before moving to Los Angeles. Vega’s film credits include The Medallion, Ultraviolet and So Close amongst others.

On stage: Glengarry Glen Ross, Cuba & His Teddy Bear, The Zoo Story, Chronicle of a Kidnapping and more.

His VO credits include guest-star roles on the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and more. He is the voice of Cadillac in Spanish and has numerous print and on-camera national spots running for MetroPCS and Bank of America amongst others.

Joseph Gatt

After a short stint in the British Royal Marines, Joseph Gatt attended Drama School in his native London. He quickly found work in the West End, starring in productions including Miss Saigon and a production of Jesus Christ Superstar produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

After moving to the U.S., Gatt immediately booked a lead role in Pulse opposite Kristen Bell. Most recently, he has guest starred on TV shows including Chuck, Eagleheart, Breaking In and the Wonder Woman pilot.

Gatt is perhaps best known as the motion capture performer and likeness for Kratos from God Of War, the voice of Lord Scourge in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and as the frost giant Grundroth in Thor.

He has just completed principal photography on the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek sequel.

Damion Poitier

Originally from Philadelphia Damion decided he would act after seeing someone that looked quite a bit like his grandfather on TV. An early and avid reader he grew fascinated with Mythical Stories and the fantastic characters within.

As he studied and groomed himself to work in this field his interest in acting was continuously confirmed as he realized that only in and the film industry could he possibly experience all the “Characters and Careers” he was interested in experiencing and portraying.

His first professional break came in Florida when he was invited to join the stunt community going on to shows including Dollhouse, Angel, Alias, Charmed, Firefly and Sheena. Ten amazing and fulfilling years later he felt he was primed and ready to focus on another aspect of his interest. He has moved from stunt man to actor with excellent results.

On TV you will see him in Parks and Recreations, Sons of Anarchy, Awake, Big Time Rush, and a reoccurring role on True Blood during season 4. On the big screen he starred in the (2009) DTV indy film Hunter Prey, appears in the recently DTV released Black Cobra, GI Joe 2, and an ominous cameo as “Thanos” in the smash hit film The Avengers. Damion is also working on his interests in writing and producing in his spare time. He wrote and produced the short Bad Roommate and served as Associate Producer on the film Hunter Prey.

Ryan Martin

A graduate of William Esper Studios , Ryan started in the entertainment business modeling in NYC with Wilhelmina. He has worked abroad in such markets as Milan, Paris, and Hong Kong. While working in Hong Kong, he was cast as Detective Breeder in the blockbuster film Ultraviolet, starring Milla Jovovich. Since then, he has appeared in a recurring role on Guiding Light, been featured in the freescore.com commercial, and co-starred in the thriller Killer Ink. Currently, he is shooting the movie Almost Broadway and co-producing/co-starring in the dark action/comedy Agent 88.

Scott Vance

Scott Vance is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. He graduated from San Francisco State University’s Creative Arts Department. He also attended the renowned American Conservatory Theatre, where he studied acting under Annette Bening. He got his start in San Francisco as an unfortunate nemesis to Dirty Harry, in The Dead Pool with Clint Eastwood. This was followed by guest-starring roles on two area series, Midnight Caller and Wolf. Scott moved to Hollywood in the late-nineties. He shortly thereafter landed the starring role in the award-winning short film The Bicyclist.

Scott’s other appearances include being the head of the “Fremen” in the cult CD-ROM sensation Dune/Emperor, based on the Frank Herbert sci-fi classic. He had a principle role on the X-Files and recurring role s on Alias and 24. He has appeared on HBO’s Carnivale , the cult series Threat Matrix and starred in The Company Man (Los Angeles International Short Film Festival), Kiss Me Goodnight, Sailor’s Girl (Sundance). He has had supporting roles in Everything Put Together starring Radha Mitchell (helmed by Marc Forster) and also the cult film The Girl in the Cadillac. Scott guest-starred as a “Terminator” on the final season of Terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles. His recently-released narration of Living the Science of Mind is now available as an audio book from devorss.com.

As a writer, Scott has several scripts in various stages of development.